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Aug 25  PhotoStudio v. is released as public BETA

Jun 01 2011 Stocks+ v.1.3 is released with company related news support >>>

May 05 2011 Labyrinth 2.3 is released with a lot of new objects, effects and levels >>>

Sep 01 2010 Labyrinth, Durak, Mancala are released with BlackBerry Torch support!

Aug 01 2010 Stocks+ v.1.0 is a simple and light HomeScreen widget for monitoring stocks statuses is released >>> 

Jun 28 2010 Durak v.1.0 is a popular international card game is released >>> 

May 07 2010 Xonix: World Tour v.1.1 is updated >>>







  PhotoStudio v. OS5 - OS6

  PhotoStudio v. OS7


Main features


 - Base photo operations: brightness, contrast, RGB color adjustment, hue, saturation etc.

 - Transform operations: resize, rotate, crop.

 - A set of clips. Apply set of beautiful digital frames to your photos.

 - A bunch of effects. Grayscale, Ocean, Sepia, Mystique, Pink, Disco 80s, Old style, Old newspaper, Rainbow, Office style, Behind the glass and so on...

 - Combine operations: Apply single or multiple effects to one image.

 - Several output formats: Save the result in two formats: you can save a result as screen dimensions photo or you can apply all stored operations to an original photo.


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