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May 05 2011 Labyrinth 2.3 is released with a lot of new objects, effects and levels >>>

Jan 14 2011 Stocks+ v.1.1.1 is released with alerts support >>>

Sep 01 2010 Labyrinth, Durak, Mancala are released with BlackBerry Torch support!

Aug 01 2010 Stocks+ v.1.0 is a simple and light HomeScreen widget for monitoring stocks statuses is released >>> 

Jun 28 2010 Durak v.1.0 is a popular international card game is released >>> 

May 07 2010 Xonix: World Tour v.1.1 is updated >>>



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Labyrinth 2.3.1

Labyrinth – classic wooden labyrinth game where you control a steel ball to find a way to finish hole. 

If you've enjoyed labyrinth games in the past, Labyrinth 2 is a must-own. With a lot of levels and variable ball speed to match your skill level you will have hours of entertainment.  

Main Features & System requirements
  • Very simple to play but addictive!
  • Efficient algorithm of physics simulation
  • About 16 levels and more than 10 games in one level, 200+ games in current release!
  • A lot of interaction objects – blocks, holes, locks and others… 
  • Find and collect all the keys to open all the doors on the way to the finish
  • Manage to pass the level for some time and a certain number of attempts
  • Accelerometer calibration
  • Sounds and vibro effects
  • FREE update for registered users! New levels in every release and many more...
 Supported devices: Torch / Storm / Storm2 / Torch 9810, 9850, 9860


Labyrinth v.2.3.1





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